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Dear fans of Macarons!

For all of you who already tasted and who love this heavenly french confectionary and for those who never had the opportunity to try it! Now it's your chance, don't miss it!

You wonder what Macarons do actually consist of?

This delicate pastry consists mainly in egg whites, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder and food colouring. Filled with buttercream or jam filling it is sandwiched between two cookies. Ready is the Macaron!


On our site you can even create your own macarons -  your creation will be unique and is a good alternative if you want to give someone a little pleasure as a birthday present or for a special situation or event!

In our internet shop we offer you a great range of variations of this delicious speciality - just go ahead, flick through our site and let yourself be seduced by our exquisit home-made creations!


If you want to create your own Macarons on your own and to learn the basic principles for backing Marcarons, come bake with us! In a course session we will show you the main tips and tricks how to succeed in making the perfect Macaron!

And baking in a group is always more fun, isn't it?

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